Doctor, it is sad to say that NOT many Dental Laboratories have an understanding or working knowledge of The Golden Ratio and specifically to how it MUST apply to smile makeovers. I am happy to share with you that these rules / ratios are an intricate part of the Gardali-EstheticZONE™ . Our team of highly trained experts actively implement our knowledge & understanding of the Golden Ratio in our cosmetic, smile-makeover cases. Verification of these ratios is part of the Gardali-CERTIFIED™ quality control process.

We also have a firm grasp on what we call the "Critical Esthetic Components". These are parameters YOU certainly are aware of and practice chair-side however, it is equally critical that your laboratory understand and practice them as well.

The "Critical Esthetic Components" are:

  • Smile style:
  • The Commissure.
  • The Cuspid.
  • The Complex.
  • Smile type: (1-5)
  • Smile stages & cycle:
  • Lips closed.
  • Resting display.
  • Natural 3/4 smile
  • Expanded, full smile.
  • Smile principles:
  • Smile line.
  • Dominance of central incisors.
  • Golden proportion rules.
  • Midline & occlusal plane.
  • Axial inclination.
  • Silhouttes.
  • Progression & incisal embrasures.
  • Progression of contract points.
  • Gradation of teeth posteriorly
  • Arch form
  • Gingiva.
  • Gingival symmetry
  • Gingival contour
  • Gingival zenith
  • Occlusion.

In addition to the Golden Ratio and understanding what makes a beautiful smile...what makes Gardali experts in cosmetic restorations?
  • Every case MUST be processed through the Gardali-CERTIFIED™ SOP.
  • Each model is equilibrated to make certain of occlusal integrity.
  • Soft tissue is utilized on all models, eliminating 'Black triangles".
  • A 2nd die is poured to verify marginal integrity.
  • A ONE piece model is utilized for verification.
  • We provide a seating index for Implant supported cases for accurate verification AND seating.
  • We employ a unique process of making certain we seat the transfers accurately...every time.
  • Digital shade verification.

Try Gardali Advanced Restorative for your very next cosmetic, smile makeover or implant supported restoration. I am confident our expertise will be apparent when you open and seat your 1st case. Are you ready to see the Gardali-DIFFERENCE™? Simply request a Doctor Resource Kit!

Team Gardali!

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