Infectious Control Protocol
RE: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Policy and Procedures:

With the recent outbreak of Covid-19 we want to share with you our ICP (Infectious Control Protocol) For DECADES we have followed strict infectious control procedures under "Universal Precautions" guidelines.

The recent spread of Covid-19 does NOT change any of our procedures for they currently and always have protected you, your patients, your staff and our technicians from ALL Coronaviruses including however, NOT limited to Covid-19, HIV, Influenza, MERSA and hepatitis.

Below is a current snapshot of our infectious control guidelines:


  • The impression itself is disinfected with the approved/correct bleach/water solution.
  • Disposable gloves are utilized when cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and ANY associated components of your cases. Gloves are discarded after each cleaning.
  • Hands are washed immediately after gloves are removed.
  • For disinfection, diluted household bleach solutions, alcohol solutions with at least 70% alcohol, and most common EPA-registered household disinfectants are utilized. Products with EPA-approved emerging viral pathogens are effective against COVID-19 based on data for harder to kill viruses.
  • Technicians are required to keep hands clean AND hand sanitizer and masks are readily available.

The bottom line is you, your patients, your staff and our technicians are aggressively protected against viruses. Always have been…always will.

RE: Explanation of Infectious Control charge: (Since January 2019)

Gardali charged an infection control charge for several years prior to 2015. Upon upgrading our billing package we decided to "absorb" that cost. However, the hard-cost of disinfecting/handling cases under the "Universal Precautions" standards/protocol has increased every year. The cost of disinfectants, time/labor and associated training are some of the associated cost. In addition, we were advised by our association to "charge and document" said infectious control allowing your practice to provide PROOF that cases are handled in this manner. Being so, in order to help cover the increasing cost AND provide YOUR practice documentation that the CDC/ADA standards being met, we now have a $2.00 per case (NOT Unit) Infectious Control charge that appears on your invoice specific to that patient.

Common questions:

Why not just raise your fees, I feel nickel & dimed?

 Naturally, this was a consideration however, even a nominal per UNIT fee increase would cost your practice MORE than the $2.00 per CASE. In addition, this would NOT provide PROOF to your patient that your laboratory provides such infectious control.

Why do I pay, if I disinfect here or send via IO?

Great question however, the law states we must disinfect HERE as well. AND, all practices contribute to the over-all disinfecting of every case. i.e. Your IOS model, travels in a laboratory that is 100% disinfected and within standards/laws set forth by the CDC & the ADA.

We disinfect here, Why do we have to be disinfected again and pay for it?

BOTH Dental practice and laboratory MUST disinfect under “Universal Precautions” standard. According to the CDC & ADA, ALL & Every case MUST be disinfected and there are simply NOT any exceptions. In addition, it is a line item to provide PROOF to you and to your patient that it was done in accordance.
Please click link for CDC/ADA documentation of infectious control standards & procedures for both Dental laboratories & Dental practices.

CDC Infectious control in dental