RE: We are currently accepting NEW Doctors via referral.

First let me thank-you for TRUSTING us with your cases. We understand and take VERY seriously the scope of our role in your Dental practice. We KNOW challenges chairside can disrupt your practice and ultimately produce un-happy patients. We know this is disastrous for your practice.

By consistently providing world-class restorations and client care, the majority of our accounts come from referrals. And we seldom actively seek new accounts for we have very little turnover.

COVIDNomics has changed everything.

Being so, we are currently accepting a hand-full of NEW accounts!

Here is how it works:

  1. When your referral sends their 1st case, YOU will have a $100.00 CREDIT applied to your account.
  2. The Doctor that you refer will also have a $100.00 CREDIT applied to their account.

That's it. Very simple.