We understand that there are several components to a successful Dental practice / Laboratory relationship. We also know that ultimately it is about THE WORK. The Gardali-CERTIFIED™ quality control process consists of several steps we take to meticulously scrutinize every phase of every case. It is a critical part of our standard operating procedures.

Are you experiencing any of the following challenges with your current laboratory?

  • Inconsistent quality?
  • Poor contact and marginal integrity?
  • High bites or poor occlusal anatomy?
  • Poor over all anatomy, emergence profile or contour?
  • Poor shading or “lifeless” crowns?
  • “Black Triangles”?
  • NOT following your RX?
  • LATE cases?
  • Poor communication or lack of professional consultation?
  • Outdated or lack of the latest technologies and materials?
  • Incorrect or difficult to understand billing?

Have you ever considered what these errors CO$T your practice?

I have spent the better part of the past thirty-five (35) years researching and implementing standards of procedure to ERADICATE these errors from your practice. Ultimately exceeding the expectations of you, your patient and your staff.

The Gardali-CERTIFIED™ quality control process meticulously scrutinizes every step of every procedure of every unit for every case. We have created and modified these standards with ONE goal in mind… eliminate the typical errors associated with fabricating dental restorations. We have employed the very best technicians and utilize only the very best PROVEN technologies and materials.

Here is a snap-shot of the Gardali-CERTIFIED™ quality control process

Each stage is reviewed and verified by a CDT before it moves to the next stage.

Case entry and initial QC. YOUR (RX) instructions, ALL associated materials and Doctor preferences are accurately entered into our production software. The impression is reviewed for any possible challenges. If there is a question we stop the process here. Photos are taken and we call your practice for possible review. it is critical to get it right from the beginning!

Model & Dies: NON-Digital impressions are poured or scanned and meticulously reviewed for any errors. Again, we may photograph any questionable areas for your review.

Scan & Design: Where applicable, our highly trained DENTAL specific digital designers begin working on your case. At this point we verify such things as occlusal space, contour, emergence profile, aesthetics and over-all fit.

Digital Mill: At this point your crown has passed three (3) quality control checkpoints and is nearly Gardali-CERTIFIED™. Our digital milling department experts verify that what we designed is of the highest quality from a functionality and aesthetic value. Again, this stage is verified and approved by a CDT.

Stain & Glaze: In some labs, stain and glaze can sometimes be overlooked as a critical portion of the process. Ironically it is the only portion that your patient sees. We meticulously stain and glaze every crown based on your direction or photos that you may provide. We pay VERY close attention to make certain your patient is absolutely delighted with THEIR NEW TOOTH!

Billing & Invoicing: Our billing specialist scrutinizes every RX and invoice to make certain you are being billed correctly. If we have created a fixed cost or unique price for you…she makes certain it is reflected on your invoice. AND..she has some help. Our state of the art production and billing software allows us to enter your unique pricing matrix ( Along with your case preferences). Being so, we don’t miss. You can feel comfortably KNOWING your work is billed correctly the first time.

FINAL QC: This team is the final step in the process. It is ONLY with their final approval that your case is Gardali-CERTIFIED™. We make certain the above steps were done correctly and approved by the right folks. We pride ourselves that NO CASES leave this laboratory without being scrutinized throughout the process AND one final time by the best eyes in the business.

The BOTTOM line is this: “Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care” We truly care about your practice. Each and every Gardali team member KNOWS that I demand the highest quality work with each and every case. We will exceed your expectations AND ERADICATE the errors we discussed above.

Are you ready to give my team and I an opportunity to earn your TRUST?
Request a Gardali Doctor Resource Kit! Thank you for sharing a few minutes with me, Doctor. I look forward to working with you closely.

Take care,
Curt Gardali, CDT. President

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