Do Something About Your Missing Teeth

Try overdentures - a comfortable alternative to tooth replacement

If you're struggling to eat or talk because of missing or decayed teeth, turn to Gardali Dental Lab for a convenient, affordable solution.

We offer a variety of overdenture options, including:

Authentic Implant-Supported Fixed

We'll be glad to discuss these options with you. Call 315-732-8204 now to schedule an overdenture implant consultation in Utica, NY.

Find out if overdentures are right for you

If you're considering a dental implant, then you're likely weighing your options. Having trouble deciding between standard dentures and overdentures? We're here to help.

Overdentures are proven to:

Preserve the structure of your jawbone
Improve stability and comfort
Make chewing and talking easier

Please note that overdentures require a healthy and strong jawbone. If your jawbone is weak, then standard dentures are the better fit for you.

Contact us today to get overdenture implants in Utica, NY.

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