How to OPTIMIZE & SIMPLIFY communication between Lab & Doctor

Why is improved communication so CRITICAL?

  1. Avoidable phone calls to and from the Dental laboratory are CO$TLY to US BOTH.
  2. Delays in case turn around are unnecessary in most cases.
  3. Remakes / adjustments due to a lack of information are detrimental to everyone.
  4. Errors due to communication "lost in translation" between staff, Doctor and tech. are CO$TLY.
  5. Avoidable, unanticipated case challenges are a nightmare for us BOTH.

What simple changes are truly GAME CHANGERS?

  1. Involve the lab in case-planning / pre-op. Especially for Implants supported restorations.
  2. Legibly fill-out the RX COMPLETELY.
  3. - Material / restoration choice
    - Restoration Shade & stump shade
    - Patient Appointment date & TIME
    - Your PHONE # and/or email address
  4. Provide an accurate bite registration.
  5. Include information regarding the patient's expectations / desires.
  6. Always include the surgeon's letter if applicable.
  7. NEVER utilize a triple tray. Provide a full-arch, monophase impression. for full report.
  8. Include PHOTOS if possible.
  9. Check the case on the model PRIOR to the patient appointment. Contact us with any concern.
  10. Tell us YOUR specific PREFERENCES.
  11. In the case of a possible remake. Contact us immediately, BEFORE the patient leaves. We may be able to help you seat the case with some minor chair-side adjustments OR we may need a NEW bite or impression. Let's get that data BEFORE the patient leaves!
  12. If a remake is required, return EVERYTHING back to the laboratory.
  13. Let us KNOW the BEST method to communicate with your practice. I.e. Phone or email etc

These simple changes will improve over-all case success while making the process less cumbersome.